How to Buy a Drill Press for a Home Shop


A drill press is manufactured originally for metalworking trades. Today, the drill presses are the most resourceful tools you can keep in your home shop. They will give you the benefits of jigs, cutting of tools and will come with attachments that will allow you to turn your machine into a dynamo. Putting money in high-end quality machines does not render you to perform only drilling purpose for metal but it also helps you to carry out woodworking tasks like mortising and sanding. I will like to announce that it has been stated that a drill press is the second most excellent tool you can have in your home shop.

  • How to Choose

With so many guides rolling around on the internet, it gets difficult to decide upon one that will fulfill your craving of handling professional tasks. So, to make matters better, I have opted for a helpful guide that will assist you on what to search for in a drill press and the results will take you to your own masterpiece. You need to have plenty of pros, cons, key points and facts before buying a drill press. One thing, I will really like to stress about is keep your budget a little reasonable because spending more money really takes you to a good device.

  • Sturdily Constructed

Make sure your drill press is solidly built or otherwise you won’t be able to work properly the rest of your life. A sturdily made machine allows you to perform wok precisely and does not move around destructing the project. This feature is one of the most vital characteristics of a drill press.

  • Ribbing

It is necessary to lookout for a ribbed table and base for your drill press to function strongly, this signifies the strength of a drill press. Also, a slotted or slanted base with the ledges at the side lets you work easily with the assurance of convenience and safety.

  • Flat Table

It is best to work on a table that is flat on the surface and does not contain any uneven sides that may hinder your work. Flat surfaces have the advantage of enabling large work-pieces. This way, you’ll be able to work with accuracy and can easily adjust the dimensions of the table according to your drilling situations.

  • Need This

A cast iron head is something you must find in a drill press because it assists you to work with superb support and enables strong hold for all the parts of the drill press machine. We can definitely say that this sentence goes for quill, motor and pinion shaft.

  • Key Chuck

A drill press should definitely include a chuck that is tightened by a wrench, a key or by hand. Your chuck should have a 1/2inch space to house numerous sized accessories and bits. Some taper-mounted chucks are found in drills and this is a brilliant choice to go for because then, your chuck never runs-out. Also, some other chucks are opened by a key and it should be kept in mind not to leave the key in by mistake.

  • Adjustment for Depth

If your job requires drilling the same sized holes, this feature enables just that. It eradicates the guesswork and lets you create as many holes as possible of similar depth.

  • Modifiable Motor Bracket Support

If your motor bracket support isn’t adjustable, you won’t be able to support motor. Better to buy drill press with this feature and make sure the support is built sturdily and has a movable option for proper belt tension.

  • Several Speeds

A drill press with numerous speed options is best for drilling wood, plastic, ceramics, glass and metal. Also, you can come upon a triple pulley prearrangement to select dissimilar speeds varying from 250 rpm to 3,000 rpm.

  • Replacement Parts and Services

It is good to buy a drill press with which replacement parts and services are available, plus a good customer support too.

  • Fixtures

A manufacture that has a wide range of accessories for your drill press is the best, so that you can choose the best accessories for your drill press. This way, you won’t have to buy irregular parts, for your manufacturer will help you with the possible parts.


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