I apologize for those that never shared our bond

This may seem to come out of left field but, was doing some soul searching this morning while watching the morning news and at 67 I finally seen my prejudices for what they truly are. Am i prejudiced by a person’s color, their gender, their sexual preferences? I think not! I spent many years in the military and shared my water, food, laughs and tears with many men of other races. They fought beside me and some died beside me. I had essentially put my life in their hand and they put their life in mine; I wasn’t offended that a “black man” was protecting me nor did I feel less safe because of his color. All that I knew is that I had a “brother” that would give his life for me!

We as individuals in the military in our hearts do not care what color a man is that is protecting us only that he is and we believe in him and his love of his brothers to his left and right. Then we leave the military and society now says we must have a barrier between us because of our color. Why do we let something we fought against together separate us later. If you were my brother then, you’re my brother now. How could I have forgotten the devotion we had for each other because of social stigmas. Shame on me for forgetting my brothers and allowing myself to become swept up in prejudice and bowing to antiquated social norms. You men of color risked your lives for me and I will never again forget you and be eternally in your debt.

I apologize for those that never shared our bond, they can’t see the color of a man’s heart because of the color of his skin.

Don’t know why I wrote this. Just felt like I needed to separate myself from my conscious (FINALLY).


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