6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan

Nowadays, the usage of electric bicycle is more and more popular. And the problems of using electric bicycle also come up with. One of the most severe problems is that the life expectancy of electric bicycle battery is not as long as users’ expectation. In this article of 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan will give you how to make your battery stay longer.

  • “Exposure in the sun” is contributing to reducing the electric bicycle’s lifespan of the battery.

Another issue affecting the life of the batteries is that riders do not know how to use electric bicycles properly. This contributes to faster battery-damaging process. So what should be noted when using the electric bicycle with battery?


  • Pay attention to the  charging time

The length of the standard battery charging time is only from 6-8 hours.Whereas, the charging time of the Pin electric bicycle charger just lasts from 4-6 hours. However, many people are used to charging longer than normal if their charger is no longer good. This sometimes leads to the dangerous electric fire. If the rechargeable battery is expired, this makes rapid battery down, so you need to note this point.

  • Don’t make your bicycle become a truck.

Many people have the habit of carrying one or more people when using electric bicycle even though this habit is quite good. However, there is a fact that the more people are on the bicycle, the more vehicle weight increased. The bicycle needs to use a larger amount of power to have the ability to carry the extra weight. This makes the bicycle fast runs out of power than the standard.

To be good for your bicycle, you should remember one thing. That’s especially for the first time of using, you should let your bicycle run without loading anything within 8-10 hours after being fully-charged, This would be very good for the life of the battery.

  • Do not accelerate too sharply while running electronic bicycle.

Many people ride, especially the young ones, have a habit of “fly” faster with the increase of the terminal end of the ride electric bikes to run faster. However, this habit was the culprit. This makes the electric bicycle battery faster out of work. The reason is that when you strongly pull to the highest level of the battery, requiring more powerful resources to meet the needs of people running away. Therefore, this is to free up more battery power than normal. If this situation occurs in a long time, it will certainly affect the lifespan of the battery, which you soon to replace the new battery. The rechargeable battery makes the battery more quickly than was the bottle.


  • Pay attention to battery’s alarm before using the bicycle

Alarm clock batteries in the electric bicycle are not for decoration only. Its function is to signal the users about the remaining amount of time you can ride. Before going out, you should check that there is much enough amount of battery for an electric bike to run. And, if it hits the red line (running low on battery), you should charge it before going. The operation of electric bicycles as cars in low energy levels adversely impact the longevity of batteries, that’s not to mention that you have brought the car when the car ran out of battery. So, pay attention to the battery’s clock. They are necessary skills required when using a bicycle.

  • Not put your electric bicycle under the sun.

In high temperature, batteries will self-discharge the battery’s capacity. The ideal working temperature of the battery is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should not run your bicycle outdoors when the temperature is too high. And you also should not expose the bicycle to the sun. It is so harmful to your electric bicycle. Remember this.

6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan – Conclusion

This is the article of 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. Hope that after referencing these tips, you can gain the knowledge. How to choose the best battery for your car and even how to protect it are mentioned in 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. From that, your battery can “live” longer.

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