Directions to Increase the Speed of Your E-Z-GO Electric Golf Cart

Increase the SpeedE-Z-GO electric golf carts are some of the most extensively utilized carts in the golf industry. Their comparatively noiseless operating engines on the course and their credibility make them one of the benchmarks. If you happen to possess one and you discover that it doesn’t quite contain the horsepower you want, here are some instructions you can follow that will let you to increase the speed of your E-Z-GO and get you round the course with higher comfort. Performing some of the essential things to make your cart become speedier necessitates knowledge of how to work on an engine.

A Clean Engine Is Always Handy

Wipe clean the engine with some hot, soapy water and a rag, and run it over the full engine. A tidy engine would intrinsically operate at a finer level, than the one that is greasy and clogged up.

A Technician Is a Better Choice

Examine the engine bits and swap any parts, plus belts that need to be mended or are damaged. Basic vehicle tools will operate for altering out most parts. If you are not instinctively motivated, it will be good for you to carry the cart to a certified repair technician and have any pieces altered that appear frayed.

How to Get Good Performance

Swap the motor. Once more, minus accurate training, this job might be slight too much to undertake. You can acquire a diversity of good-performance motors for E-Z-GO golf carts, both from the maker and after-market. Search online to inquire your local golf shop about the likelihoods of substituting your motor with a greater powered model.

What to Do With the Chip

Shift the chip. E-Z-GO carts contain a chip that limits the velocity of the cart, similar to a governor on gas carts. Alter out the chip to an E-Z-GO Freedom Chip. The procedure is quite stress-free. Just utilize a flat head screwdriver to dislodge the controller cover that is beneath the seat on the passenger side. Then force out the present chip and add the novel one.

Determine the Gear Ratio

Alter the gear ratio. Preferably for your cart to attain more speed, you need a gear ratio of 6:1. A number of fresher E-Z-GO carts display a 10.45:1 gear ratio, which isn’t awful, but if you need more speed, altering it would create a transformation. The gears are situated in the transaxle beneath the cart, amid the motor and the drive axle.

Tips and Warning to Live By

If you’re amateurish at mechanics, altering the gear ratio and trading the motor must be left to a skilled E-Z-GO facility professional. Harm could happen.

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