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Increase the SpeedE-Z-GO electric golf carts are some of the most extensively utilized carts in the golf industry. Their comparatively noiseless operating engines on the course and their credibility make them one of the benchmarks. If you happen to possess one and you discover that it doesn’t quite contain the horsepower you want, here are some instructions you can follow that will let you to increase the speed of your E-Z-GO and get you round the course with higher comfort. Performing some of the essential things to make your cart become speedier necessitates knowledge of how to work on an engine.

A Clean Engine Is Always Handy

Wipe clean the engine with some hot, soapy water and a rag, and run it over the full engine. A tidy engine would intrinsically operate at a finer level, than the one that is greasy and clogged up.

A Technician Is a Better Choice

Examine the engine bits and swap any parts, plus belts that need to be mended or are damaged. Basic vehicle tools will operate for altering out most parts. If you are not instinctively motivated, it will be good for you to carry the cart to a certified repair technician and have any pieces altered that appear frayed.

How to Get Good Performance

Swap the motor. Once more, minus accurate training, this job might be slight too much to undertake. You can acquire a diversity of good-performance motors for E-Z-GO golf carts, both from the maker and after-market. Search online to inquire your local golf shop about the likelihoods of substituting your motor with a greater powered model.

What to Do With the Chip

Shift the chip. E-Z-GO carts contain a chip that limits the velocity of the cart, similar to a governor on gas carts. Alter out the chip to an E-Z-GO Freedom Chip. The procedure is quite stress-free. Just utilize a flat head screwdriver to dislodge the controller cover that is beneath the seat on the passenger side. Then force out the present chip and add the novel one.

Determine the Gear Ratio

Alter the gear ratio. Preferably for your cart to attain more speed, you need a gear ratio of 6:1. A number of fresher E-Z-GO carts display a 10.45:1 gear ratio, which isn’t awful, but if you need more speed, altering it would create a transformation. The gears are situated in the transaxle beneath the cart, amid the motor and the drive axle.

Tips and Warning to Live By

If you’re amateurish at mechanics, altering the gear ratio and trading the motor must be left to a skilled E-Z-GO facility professional. Harm could happen.

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JointerA jointer is a tool utilized for making level surfaces beside a piece of wood’s rims and faces. A good number of pieces of lumber are vended as rectangle boards, which could be custom cut into dissimilar lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Though, when big parts of wood are sliced down to size, the exteriors are not smooth. A jointer operates by leveling the faces and rims of the wood. The portion is put on the in-feed table, where it goes over steel sawing blades, and then is forced out of the out-feed table. This procedure is reiterated until all the edges are leveled out. Flawlessly even faces are much better-looking than rough ones, but jointers are mostly expended to safeguard two pieces of wood that can be combined together without any hitches.

How to Use a Jointer

  1. Maximum jointers offer some useful characteristics that help render the jointing process more expectable.
  2. Be certain that you know how to accurately set profundity of cut, alter the fence, tension the drive belt, amend blades, etc.
  3. A correctly adjusted jointer is unfavorable.
  4. Expend the finest straight edge that you have to guarantee that the tables are prepared as flawlessly coplanar or parallel, as you can get.
  5. Place the fence to an effortlessly square position utilizing a machinists’ square or digital angle gauge.
  6. Without a square fence a jointer will only make you go nuts, and would not be worth the footprint that it devours in your shop.
  7. Your jointer’s volume boundaries would be regulated by the size and extensiveness of its beds.
  8. For safekeeping motives you need to fix a lower frontier on the size of board you will operate through the jointer.
  9. Inspect your jointer’s manual for particulars, but in certain cases the tiniest suggested piece will be in the scale of 1/2 thick x 2″ wide x 12″ long.
  10. Don’t let yourself submit to the enticement of milling smaller stock.

Types of Jointers

There are numerous kinds that are particularly created for particular sorts of projects. Every jointer delivers a dissimilar type of finish relying on the job kind. Discover more about these kinds of jointers below.

The Open Stand Jointers

This kind of jointer is stress-free to shift and travel. Though, it can be a tad louder than other jointers that have shut cabinet machines as the motor is bare. Therefore, the term is open stand.

The Closed Stand Jointers

This is the most popular jointer you can get in the market today. It lands in four sizes that are, 6, 8, 12 and 16 inches. This jointer approaches in a bounded base to create the motor and at the same time defend it from dust. It also reduces the sound and vibration when sawing wood. The enclosure gives more mass to the jointer, providing it more constancy and fortification.

The Bench-Top Jointers

These kinds of jointers are the toddler forms of table jointers stated in the first kind. This would be handy for minor projects. Though, if you need a sturdier and greater board, this will not be capable to assist that. Its supreme sawing width is merely 6 inches.

The Jointer or the Planers

You will learn that there are two categories of combination jointer/planers. One being the over/under amalgamation and the other one is a side-by-side blend. The over/under combination has a lone cutter and a lone table. The benefit of this kind of jointer is that you don’t have to buy individual planer tools. You’ll be capable to conserve on work space.

Additional Kinds of Jointers

Many other sorts of jointers can be discovered in the market. You can further categorize them into the following types;

  • The Brick Jointers
  • The Heavy-Duty Jointers
  • The Bit-Grapevine Jointers
  • The Grapevine Jointers
  • The Barrel Jointers
  • The Acrylic Jointers
  • The Flat Combination Jointers 
  • The Interchangeable Jointers
  • Drill Press Table
  • Drill Press Vise
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Nowadays, the usage of electric bicycle is more and more popular. And the problems of using electric bicycle also come up with. One of the most severe problems is that the life expectancy of electric bicycle battery is not as long as users’ expectation. In this article of 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan will give you how to make your battery stay longer.

  • “Exposure in the sun” is contributing to reducing the electric bicycle’s lifespan of the battery.

Another issue affecting the life of the batteries is that riders do not know how to use electric bicycles properly. This contributes to faster battery-damaging process. So what should be noted when using the electric bicycle with battery?


  • Pay attention to the  charging time

The length of the standard battery charging time is only from 6-8 hours.Whereas, the charging time of the Pin electric bicycle charger just lasts from 4-6 hours. However, many people are used to charging longer than normal if their charger is no longer good. This sometimes leads to the dangerous electric fire. If the rechargeable battery is expired, this makes rapid battery down, so you need to note this point.

  • Don’t make your bicycle become a truck.

Many people have the habit of carrying one or more people when using electric bicycle even though this habit is quite good. However, there is a fact that the more people are on the bicycle, the more vehicle weight increased. The bicycle needs to use a larger amount of power to have the ability to carry the extra weight. This makes the bicycle fast runs out of power than the standard.

To be good for your bicycle, you should remember one thing. That’s especially for the first time of using, you should let your bicycle run without loading anything within 8-10 hours after being fully-charged, This would be very good for the life of the battery.

  • Do not accelerate too sharply while running electronic bicycle.

Many people ride, especially the young ones, have a habit of “fly” faster with the increase of the terminal end of the ride electric bikes to run faster. However, this habit was the culprit. This makes the electric bicycle battery faster out of work. The reason is that when you strongly pull to the highest level of the battery, requiring more powerful resources to meet the needs of people running away. Therefore, this is to free up more battery power than normal. If this situation occurs in a long time, it will certainly affect the lifespan of the battery, which you soon to replace the new battery. The rechargeable battery makes the battery more quickly than was the bottle.


  • Pay attention to battery’s alarm before using the bicycle

Alarm clock batteries in the electric bicycle are not for decoration only. Its function is to signal the users about the remaining amount of time you can ride. Before going out, you should check that there is much enough amount of battery for an electric bike to run. And, if it hits the red line (running low on battery), you should charge it before going. The operation of electric bicycles as cars in low energy levels adversely impact the longevity of batteries, that’s not to mention that you have brought the car when the car ran out of battery. So, pay attention to the battery’s clock. They are necessary skills required when using a bicycle.

  • Not put your electric bicycle under the sun.

In high temperature, batteries will self-discharge the battery’s capacity. The ideal working temperature of the battery is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should not run your bicycle outdoors when the temperature is too high. And you also should not expose the bicycle to the sun. It is so harmful to your electric bicycle. Remember this.

6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan – Conclusion

This is the article of 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. Hope that after referencing these tips, you can gain the knowledge. How to choose the best battery for your car and even how to protect it are mentioned in 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. From that, your battery can “live” longer.

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Thank for your concerning about this 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. If you have any comment about this, leave it here.

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This may seem to come out of left field but, was doing some soul searching this morning while watching the morning news and at 67 I finally seen my prejudices for what they truly are. Am i prejudiced by a person’s color, their gender, their sexual preferences? I think not! I spent many years in the military and shared my water, food, laughs and tears with many men of other races. They fought beside me and some died beside me. I had essentially put my life in their hand and they put their life in mine; I wasn’t offended that a “black man” was protecting me nor did I feel less safe because of his color. All that I knew is that I had a “brother” that would give his life for me!

We as individuals in the military in our hearts do not care what color a man is that is protecting us only that he is and we believe in him and his love of his brothers to his left and right. Then we leave the military and society now says we must have a barrier between us because of our color. Why do we let something we fought against together separate us later. If you were my brother then, you’re my brother now. How could I have forgotten the devotion we had for each other because of social stigmas. Shame on me for forgetting my brothers and allowing myself to become swept up in prejudice and bowing to antiquated social norms. You men of color risked your lives for me and I will never again forget you and be eternally in your debt.

I apologize for those that never shared our bond, they can’t see the color of a man’s heart because of the color of his skin.

Don’t know why I wrote this. Just felt like I needed to separate myself from my conscious (FINALLY).