In Redmond, a man is warping his a** with your OS


Scan originally appeared in Wired 03.02, February 1995

Why is it that OS ads are so lame? There must be some special quality to the concept of an OS that just makes the ad-men give up, regurgitate their lunch, smear it on some paper and call it a day. Where's Don Draper when you need him? Guess he went with Apple?

And actual product qualities aside, this ad campaign clearly didn't cut it for IBM - Microsoft won that war. OS/2 never got a hold of the mass-market. But I'm told it's still used in some ATM's apparently... Hope it doesn't warp any of my cash.

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I was doing tech support for IBM at the time OS/2 Warp came out, and I a woman who called who gave the phone over to her teenage son to help with the install, unlike the ad copy above that states it is so easy you won't need to do that.

I also had a call start off "I'm a lawyer and I'm installing OS/2..." I'm still not sure if that was the start of a joke or a threat...

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