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Scan originally appeared in Wired 03.05, May 1995

So, Unique Selling Points for the internet, 1995: Be entertained, Read, Shop, Communicate, Pay bills, Work, Search, Pay taxes, Play Poker.

What do we do today online that's not on that list? The social aspect is near-missing, I guess, but other than that it's still pretty spot on. So, we've been through 3-4 iterations of what the web is, and the only seriously new selling point we've added is Hand Over Your Privacy to Facebook - nice!

And by the way, yes, my computer is utterly boring without a net-connection!

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yes, but there's one thing missing from that ad: the fact that to do all of those things on a 56k modem, you would be spending between 6-8 hours on the computer, most of which was waiting for the page(s) to load.

which is, of course, exactly what we all did.

The artwork is as dated as it goes, but that copywriter deserves a medal from the future. So far, so good.

hahaha, it says "encyclopedia."

So in love with this site already.

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