It's all in the marketing


Scan originally appeared in Wired 03.02,February 1995

1995, Ad for Dark Forces

2010, Ad for Bioshock 2

And then the screenshots from the actual games, first Dark Forces:

So, never trust a poster....

Dark Forces from Lucasarts was launched in 1995 and did extremely well. It was another "Doom-clone" but improved on the popular genre.

Incidentally, this was exactly the point in time where the gaming-industry lost me. I never got on the first-person-shooter band-waggon, so I spent the next 15 years looking in amazement on boys and men shooting stuff up POV-style, with ever increasing screen-resolutions and my interest ever decreasing

Last year, Dark Forces was re-released on Steam, so if you're into this stuff, head over there for a shot of retro.

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Couldn't agree more about first-person shooters; I was 20 years old, demanding that the kids get their gatling guns off my lawn.

Ditto. Diablo 3 will save us.

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