The importance of celebrity endorsements


Scan originally appeared in Wired 01.05, November 1993.

So, yesterday, Wired Reread went viral, thanks to the same kind of celebrity endorsement that Fisher obviously went for in the above ad from 1993. In the last 24 hours, Wired Reread increased its readership with a couple of thousand percent, going from web anonymity to fast lane fame.

In my case, the celeb endorsement came from Xeni Jardin when she made the shout-out on Boing Boing. It was quickly followed by this tweet from Wired themselves:

"Everyone at @wired HQ is gonzo over So simple, so embarrassing. (via @erikmalinowski)"

Score! Nothing like a bit of love from the mother-ship... Gizmodo followed suit, then Daring Fireball, and soon the blogs were all the twitter about Wired Reread. I thank you all!

Now, new reader, it’s your turn to pass on the word about Wired Reread. Tweet it, share it, fan it, tattoo it on the forehead of your kids (yes, post coming on that one soon!).

Get it out there and share the fun!

And now – back to the old news. A new (proper) post will appear shortly...

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When I subscribed the RSS feed yesterday, Google Reader showed me that I'm the first subscriber (using Google reader). Now it shows 93. How amazing!

yeah, my Feedburner stats say 900 subscribers to the rss-feed by now. Very cool. Thanks for subscribing :-)

I had one of these CD Players, it was under the Sanyo brand in the UK though. Good piece of kit before it stopped working. Sony had a 100 and 400 disc carousel too!


I have one of these and it still works, and it's very easy to fix in case a disc jams. They don't meke them like the old days...

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