Why WordPerfect is better than Facebook


Scan originally appeared in Wired 01.05, November 1993.

We all know that WordPerfect was eclipsed by Microsoft Word in a big way, but back in 1993 it was top-dog. And who can blame consumers for wanting this nifty piece of word processing software, when it now includes liquid paper gone extreme? Yes, up to 8 previous actions are stored and can be undone – oh Data Processing Unit of the future, you make dreams come true! I love the way they put quotation-marks around the "Undo" - so it's not really undone, or what?

Makes me think that we’ve gone backwards on this one in recent years: Most SaaS products of today don't have an Undo feature. This was made painfully clear to me, when I messed up this blog's template through blogger.com yesterday and laid it bare for 10 minutes... Where's the Undo?!?

GMail introduced Undo a while back, but that's only because their mail-servers are so loaded that it takes more than 30 seconds to actually get the mail out the door anyway.

And where’s the undo feature in Facebook, when you’ve messed up your life? The internet is like pissing in a pool - once it's out there, it's damn hard to take it back.

PS: Notice how new feature #1, sound in documents, never caught on. When was the last time you received a Word document with sound effects in it? And how would I print that? Through my Alice Cooper endorsed Stereo?

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