The Windows 3.1 Bible – because faith was required

Scan originally appeared in Wired 01.02, May 1993.

“Everything you ever wanted to know about Windows… but was just too busy to ask”. At 1.154 pages, this baby sure looks like a time-saver!

I remember when these types of books started to appear. For a 90’s Microsoft-boy like me they marked the transition from when you knew what your computer was doing, roughly at least, to simply having no idea (reading that Bible might have helped, of course). Multiple processes competing for CPU-time and the sheer complexity of the OS was just overwhelming. I surrendered and stopped worrying about why the harddisk-light was blinking frantically, even when I was staring at a blank page in Notepad.

PS: Try out this Windows 3.1 online emulator for a bit of nerd-fun.