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I love Wired. The other day, I was re-reading some of the old back-issues of Wired I have. Flipping through the pages, looking at the old ads and articles, I realized how much you can learn from exploring these pages from the viewpoint of today – and how fun it is to see them again.

This blog is not intended to be just a point-and-laugh central, picking apart the mistakes of the past and ridiculing those who got it wrong. You won’t have to look long for posts that do that, of course… but the main purpose of this blog is to put the past into perspective. In the fast paced world of tech, we often lure ourselves into believing that everything is different now, and old rules don’t apply. Well, quite often they do (if not always) and checking out our collective tech-past can help us get a perspective on the present.

So, will this blog tell you if the iPad is the next big thing? Or if Twitter is dead in 3 years? Nah. But hopefully it can shed some light on what similar ideas of the past worked out, which didn’t and why.

About me

Hi, I’m Theis Søndergaard. I’m 33, Danish, and currently work as senior product manager in Zmags.
In my not so distant past I co-founded and worked in consumer IT-security company BullGuard for seven years, riding the second wave of the web. By education, I’m a journalist.

Feel free to contact me if you have input on the blog.

How about copyright and trademark?

The articles in Wired are under copyright, quite viciously protected by Conde Nast, the publisher of Wired. I reached out to Conde Nast when launching the blog, in the hopes of getting permission to publish scans of selected short articles from the old back-issues of Wired. Unfortunately, no such luck. So, when talking about articles and original artwork on the blog, I’m sorry to say that I can’t post a scan along with it, only link to the article on Wired.com. It’s too bad, ‘cause although Wired have all their old content on their website, it’s text only. And a pictures of Jerry Yang from 1996 is seriously funny,
As for the ads and the trademarks related to them, in all honesty, I’m winging it. I believe there’s plenty of precedence on the net with republishing of old ads. However, if you have a trademark that you believe I’m infringing on the blog, please contact me and we’ll work it out.

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