Vivarium Electronics VE-100 Thermostat Review

Before choosing any device, careful research and consideration are really necessary. This becomes even more important when it comes to the device that you use to maintain proper temperature in your reptile’s tank.

In order to keep the constant temperature in the reptile enclosure, you should get the currency heater control.

If you are confused about VE-100 thermostat, this post is vivarium electronics VE-100 thermostat review will, which will help you to make the appropriate decision for your heat mat.

#1 General introduction

Vivarium electronic VE-100 can handle up to 700w. It is an on/off and the best reptile thermostat. That means if the temperature inside the tank exceeded the range temperature that you set up before, the thermostat will turn off the electricity supply for the heat mat.

And if the temperature inside the tank drops under the selected levels, the thermostat will turn on the heater.

The standard display is very easy to see. There are the current temperatures inside the tank, time and date, and the current set range of temperatures is showed in the display.

#2 Install and use

It is a table-top design that allows it to sit nicely on the top of the reptile tank. You will not need to figure out how to install the thermostat. Due to this design, this thermostat can stack on each other, save your space and very neat.

The button keyboard and larger display will help the user easy to control and set up through the menu.

Not everyone will have experience in install the technical devices, so it is better to choose an easy to use and setup thermostat. A vivarium electronics VE-100 thermostat has simply designed without any complicated installation and friendly with the user will be the good options for you.

#3 The sensor

When choosing the thermostat, you also have to consider the length of the sensor wire of the probe. Vivarium Electronics VE-100 thermostat comes with 10 inches length of the probe. You need to make sure if this length is suitable for your tank or not.

It is should have enough length to place the bottom of the tank, therefore you will be able to connect to your heat mat. If the prober is too short, it cannot access your heater so your thermostat will useless.

And you will need to buy the other additional equipment. Luckily, proper and fuse of this device are easy to replace without open the case.