How to put a fly mask on your horse?

Although there are many way to prevent files from your horse, the best fly mask for horses can be the most effective solution. A horse fly mask could protect your horse’s ears, eyes and face from flies, insects as well as from dust.

Wearing a mask for horse can be the difficult task specifically with the horses that have never exposure with materials touching and rubbing their faces. But if you spend your time, go slowly step by step; it doesn’t take long until the horse can gain acquaintance with the mask. This post below will guide you how to train you horse wear and accept the fly mask.

#1 Step 1: Make the horse familiar with the mask

Before putting a mask on the horses, you should allow them to familiar with what is prepare worn in their face. Take the mask get closer to their space; allow them to smell the mask. Moving it around their face and body, they will get comfortable with it.

Depending on how comfortable your horse is with the mask, this process could happen quickly or slowly. In the case if you horses are terrified, you should not force or trick the horse into wearing the mask, you can try it the other times.

#2 Step 2: Rub the mask on the horse’s face

You have to make sure that your horse feel completely comfortable with the material of the mask before put it on their face. By rubbing the fly mask all over the horse’s face, horses will know the way the mask feels. And this will help them get acquainted with the mask and comfortable when wearing it.

You can give your horses some treats to let them know that they are doing a great job.

You can spray fly repellent on the mask to prevent fly better.

#3 Step 3: Hang the mask on horse’s ear

After rubbing the mask on horse’s face, neat step is hanging the mask over one of the horse’s ear. If you have a horse with sensitive ears when being touched, you should rib his ear with the mask, your hand or a soft rag before hang it over both of his ears.

#4 Step 4: Pull the mask down cover the horse’s face

Pull the rest of the mask around the front of the horse’s face. This step should be done slowly and obverse you horses during the process. If the horse is hesitant or uncomfortable with this, you should do step 2 again until your horses completely comfortable when you rib the fly mask on their face.

After that, hold the mask by your hand to help the horse get accustomed with the feel of mask on their face before tie it.

#5 Step 5: Hang the mask on the second ear and tie It

Gently hang the mask on the other ear of the horse and you almost finish your work. Next, fasten the fly mask, securing the mask to the horse. And now your horses  is wearing a fly mask.